Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet Jesus

I have discovered something amazing. Blue Menu brand scallions with pasta sauce. Mother fucking CHICKEN PARMESAN. The scallions taste like chicken btw. *DROOLS*

That is all. :D

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Same old

I feel like...I can't live in this world. That sounds like some super dramatic thing an angst filled teen would say, but fuck(butt fuck lol), it's how I feel.

I have no idea where to start and I have a feeling this is going to be a jumbled mess of random frustrations.

Thought #1; I love when people are told, or notice you are vegan(this happens to me at restaurants or grocery stores when they see you have no meat) and they say "Well, I've been to a farm and it's not bad". Really? You honestly believe that because you have seen one or two farms that that is what it's like everywhere? There is a profound difference in organic or small family owned farms, and factory farms.

"Over 95% of the 650 million animals raised and slaughtered for food in Canada today are mass-produced on factory farms. Here they live their short lives indoors in intensive confinement systems, deprived of everything that is natural to them including sunlight, family, and even the ability to turn around. The horrific conditions that exist on Canada’s modern farms include animals being crammed by the thousands into filthy windowless sheds, wire cages, gestation crates, and other cruel confinement systems. These animals suffer staggering neglect, mutilation, genetic manipulation, and drug regimens that cause chronic pain and debilitation. During transport, many animals are beaten or shocked, and thousands die from overcrowding and extreme temperatures. Their tortured lives end in terror with violent and gruesome deaths in slaughterhouses across the country."

Is this the farm you went to? If so, you are fucked for thinking it's "not bad at all".

It just baffles me how some people allow themselves to believe that small local farms must be where the dairy, eggs, or meat they ate comes from.

I had so much more to say about this, but alot of it has slipped my mind.

Thought #2; "I went vegetarian and then got sick". No. You didn't get sick from not eating animals. You got sick from improper diet, which is just as easily done on a diet containing meat. Veganism/vegetarianism isn't improper diet. Infact, most people find they get sick less. Veganism has even been known to not only prevent certain diseases, but to reverse them.

Thought #3; when I notice someone posting bullshit as facts and I call them out on it, I am not trying to start a flame war. I am trying to educate you. My friend just posted this on his facebook;
"I read today that people a majority of people respond to the word "LEARN" with negative feelings."
This is so sad to me...I have no idea why my font suddenly changed and I can't fix it. Why to kill my train of thought, blogspot.
 I guess I'm done. I said a significantly less then I was expecting to say. 
Oh I was also going to say how people need to stop making excuses for why they gave up vegetarianism and just admit they gave up. By saying it made you sick, it could possibly turn others away from it. People don't realize the impact of their words sometimes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wish I spoke dog

I am very confused. Jackson has developed, quite randomly, some weird new unpleasant behavioral problems. I am not sure if all of them are connected someway...maybe it's something me or my boyfriend are doing and aren't aware of? I really don't know.

I think it started with excessive barking. When I first got him, the first few times I walked him he would bark and run to the end of the leash at strangers. This obviously displeased me so I would correct him by using a firm "NO" and would make him pay attention to me. I basically showed him that I am boss and this new household has rules. That's all it took with him. He caught on super fast.

That was the end of that until about maybe two months ago. I was sitting in the grass with both dogs and a man walked by with his two very respectful, non threatening dogs. You know those dogs that when they see another dog, they go nuts, barking and growling loudly and yanking/jumping around on the end of the leash completely ignoring the owner?? Yeah, that was Jackson. He managed to claw my leg too. I was furious to say the least. Not to mention, very VERY baffled by his behavior.

Since getting Bleak and being super close to him since day 1, I have become a strong believer that dogs really do have more insight on the goodness of others(human or animal) almost immediately. This why if Jackson would occasionally bark at certain people or another dog, it didn't bother me. But now it's turned into excessive barking at pretty much anyone he doesn't know.

So that is where these behavioral problems started. Well, one random idea is it all ties into him having separation anxiety. Maybe it's just anxiety in general. Just a thought since this has been there worst problem since I moved 4 months ago.

Which leads me to another problem that I originally wasn't going to mention, but maybe I should just to document it.

Jackson has had separation anxiety since I got him. It was never severe at first. He would just cry for like 10 minutes or so. When I left the house, I would close him off in my bedroom. Until about 2 or 3 months of doing this, he randomly decided that he couldn't take it and clawed the shit out of my door. I started leaving him loose in the house with Bleak and he seemed much happier.

Since moving, I discovered that leaving them home alone would result in my eviction(no exaggerations here). I started working with them and got to the point where we could leave them for 30ish minutes without any signs of anxiety. After doing this for about a week, you'd think they would get better. But no, Jackson randomly got over anxious before I even left one day and as soon as I shut the door he started barking and howling immediately. Again, me=baffled.

OK on to the most recent things. He has started doing little things here and there...like trying to steal Bleaks food during feedings and barking madly at the one cat and chasing him out of the room. The biggest thing that actually worries me though happened yesterday. I noticed that when I went to give my normally super affectionate dog kisses on the face, he would growl. Even to the point where his lip would start to quiver and curl up abit. I punished him for it, which I probably shouldn't have. Then later that day, I believe I went to give him a hug and he growled at me again so I started saying "NO. BAD" and he randomly peed. I wasn't anymore harsh with him then usual, which is why I am worried.

My guess is his recent issues could be due to nutrition. I haven't had their protein supplement stuffs in quite sometime. That could maybe explain why he's stealing Bleaks food(and eating his poop). Maybe he feels unsatisfied? I'm going to order it, and if this continues after a couple weeks of him being back on it, then I will definitely need to see a vet and maybe consult a professional trainer to give me some answers.

Oh! and also,  can't recall if I have made a post about Bleaks problems, but for the longest time he would involuntarily urinate. That stopped about 2-3ish months ago and I was soooo happy(and proud that I officially had a reliably house trained dog). He randomly started peeing again last week. He stopped again though so lets hope whatever the problem was, it has ceased and I am sincerely hoping that it was just a fluke.

That is all for now.


Jackson is...plotting?

Handsome boys.

Oh geez, just look at that face. *swoons* AND THE FEETS!!! SQUEEE

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

People are Scum- Part 1

I say part 1 cause I can guarantee I'll have more rants regarding this sad excuse of a species called Human Beings.

So yesterday I was on Facebook and someone had posted an ad off Kijiji about a dog needed a home. I immediately reposted it, being the animal lover I am. However, when I read it again and thought more about it, it seemed fishy. I am not going to post the actual ad, but I will summarize what was said.

The poster claims that they are fostering a dog for a rescue group and that in four days they have to move. If the dog has no home, then they are forced to surrender it to a shelter where it will most likely be put down due to it's age(the dog is 12). The poster also claims that the rescue group whom they are fostering for can't take the dog back and that most rescues won't take in the dog due to it's age.

Ok, where to begin? First of all, even if this particular rescue group cannot take the dog back maybe due to over capacity, then LOOK FOR ANOTHER. I googled this persons location and found TONS of other rescue groups. Many even state that they will take any dog. Even elderly dogs.

Not only is that bullshit, but it puts a bad name on rescue groups. What if someone saw that who has to surrender there pet, but then they think they can;'t cause this ignorant person said rescues won't take elderly dogs? Guess what happens. Another innocent life is destroyed all because some piece of shit scumbag won't send out an email to other rescue groups. Instead they resort to lies.

Also, an important point, most rescue groups will even transport the pet with absolutely no cost to you. I had my rescue, Jackson, transported all the way from Ottawa to London. It didn't cost me anything extra.

Another thing, I understand situations arise and sometimes you have to move, but everything else in this ad seemed off, so this also makes me feel as though they are telling lies about this too. Rescue groups take there work very seriously. They make sure a possible foster parent is going to commit fully to an animal they take into there home. If you knew you had to move, then you don't take in the dog, and I know as a matter of fact a rescue group won't give a pet to someone whom they know will be moving.

Again, something urgent may have come up though.

I decided to email this person to suggest that they contact other rescue groups. They got rude with me right away and...well I will post the messages.

Me: "Can;t you find another rescue group? There are tons and I am sure many would even be willing to transport her since most rescue groups do anything to keep animals out of high kill shelters."

Moron: "no offence but i wish people wouldn't send messages like this as it fills up my inbox and takes away room from productive messages from people who might be able to help.  even most rescue groups don't care about elderly dogs, that is why this rescue group woudn't take her back."

Me; "People honestly "fill up" your inbox? I find that unlikely. The reason i replied is cause your ad seemed like complete bullshit. Rescues do not care about age. I googled the Hamilton area to check if you were lacking rescue groups. Not even close to lacking. Clearly you were lazy and didn't want to attempt to even send a few emails to groups. Even if a specific group couldn't take her, I guarantee they'd at least point you in the right direction."

Moron: "You find that unlikely when YOU yourself just sent another useless message when I have already told you to keep your rude and unhelpful messages to yourself?  We have contacted plenty of rescue groups, and if that's all the help you're going to be, is to send people insulting messages, maybe the problem you are pointing out is more of a YOU problem than a SOMEONE ELSE problem.

I'm asking you again not to bother sending me any more messages.  I posted an ad trying to find an elderly dog a home.  If you're not going to be part of the solution, don't cause problems."

And then sent this one too. "Even if I had lied in an attempt to find a dog a home, who the hell cares?  And even if I did post on kijiji instead of contacting a shelter where the dog might be kept alive but in a cage, or a lab where she would be alive but tested on, who the hell cares?  I mean realistically, even if I was a complete lying douchebag like you've decided I am because you'd rather not help in any way but want to make the whole situation MY fault and NAMECALL, typical unwashed Hamilton behaviour


Me: "I am helping by encouraging you to contact other rescue groups. But since you won't, I did the work for you.

I hope someone gets in touch with you soon, and I sincerely hope that your ad finds this dog a forever home as opposed to just another foster hope. This dog doesn't need to be put in a shelter where it will most likely be put down. Rescues don't kill. Consider it."

Apparently, calling someone lazy is name calling.

So, that last message I sent was after I contacted multiple rescue groups in Hamilton and Toronto. A couple replied shortly after asking for contact info(the person changed the ad and said the dog found a home) and that it is inexcusable for a rescue group to deny an animal needing help. One reply in particular was extremely informative since the group was aware of this so-called rescue group that wouldn't take the dog back. And they know what dog I was referring to. Whether all this is truth or not, doesn't really matter. That dog was thrown in an inhumane situation. (Btw I hate the term "Inhumane". It suggests that people do good on a regular basis when in reality, there are WAY more scumbags then people who are completely selfless)

Anywho, here's the email I was just talking about.

"The Rescue (if you can call it that) is called "Kit Kat Club" and we had never heard of them but apparently Pet Valu on Wilson Street in Hamilton has been featuring their kittens (selling their kittens in their store) but declined that they had any other involvement with them.  This is contrary to what I have found and as we do some promotion for Pet Valu, we will be contacting the owner to make a formal complaint.

It would appear that this group has been fundraising and such but the money apparently seems to be going into pockets rather than to help the animals.  (this is second hand info and based on how they have treated this poor dog that was in their care)

Kit Kat Club does have a facebook page where the dog can be seen.  We have been in contact and hopefully this will be resolved very shortly as the SPCA has been to the house to check on the dog's condition and to lay charges if able.  Regardless that this woman was just fostering, the dog was in her care all summer and according to her, has eye infections and is  totally flea infested.  He has been kept in a shed and from what I understand (second hand info) was being fed cat food.  It is only because Martha is moving and the group refused to help her with the dog that she posted to us as well as several other places asking for help.  She should have done something long ago to get help for this dog.

What Martha told us is that the dog was taken from an elderly woman who was going into a nursing home and she paid Kit Kat Club $150.00 to take the dog.  The group then asked her to foster the dog and they have refused to help or contact her again other than to tell her to contact us.  I hate to think what she would be feeling is she knew where her beloved pet ended up!    

As of yesterday, the SPCA had been informed and were going to the house to meet with Martha and see the dog.  I don't know if they will give us any information at this point but we would sure like to know what happened to the dog.

I just saw the email from Korinne saying the dog had found a home.  I do know that there was someone, a gentleman of good honour willing to take the dog but not sure that happened before the SPCA got there.

This is all just too horrible and I hope someone can do something about this so called group!!!

Rescue Director
Ugly Mutts Dog Rescue"
Well, there you go.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New tattoo design

This post is for myself.

I am planning a new tattoo. The concept is  basically reversing the roles of humans and animals in factory farming. I want a pig standing on it's hind legs dressed in butcher garb( shiny black, long gloves with an apron in the same style). The gloves are going to resemble a regular glove, so human hand shape. The feet are going to be bare and they will be pigs hooves.

As for the pigs head, I want it very sinister looking with blood on the mouth area, dripping. Something similar in style to this.

In one hand (hoof?), I want a typical butchers knife with blood on it, and in the other I want it holding a silver platter with a human arm on it with the fingers curling in distress. Kind of like how a spiders legs curl up when they die. I want it to suggest alot of trauma to the human.

This apron.

These gloves.

I want the angle of the tattoo to be looking down on the pig. Like when people take pics of themselves with the camera up above there head, angling down so that the head looks big and the body gradually gets small looking. I want the pigs eyes super detailed and sinister.
Sorta like this...but not really. -.-

I think I want the colours similar to that tattoo I posted up abit. Where the pig is kinda black and white, but the blood is full colour.

A rant of sorts...

This post is going to tie into two things. Firstly I will start with how this train of thought came about.

I was just browsing photos of random celebrities and one of the main topics usually is how they got their great bods through a specific diet and exercise. This is of interest to me, so I read them. I would like to post a photo and a diet plan here that I just came across.

Here we have Jessica Alba. She looks great, noone can deny that('m not one for tans, but that's completely irrelevant). The article posted with this photo shares her diet plans. Here it is;

If you want to get an amazing body like Jessica’s, you’ll have to follow a very strict plan. Jessica is currently on the South Beach Diet and this is her typical day:
  • Breakfast
    1 cup oatmeal with berries with 3-4 scrambled egg whites when working on the film set.
  • Lunch
    Salad with 170 gms (6 ounces) of chicken breast or fish (salmon, tuna)
  • Dinner
    Sashimi or or 170 gms (6 ounces) of petit fillet of beef or other lean protein with unlimited veggies and 3 small red potatoes
  • Snacks
    handful of almonds or hot air popped popcorn

 I said this is going to tie into two topics at the beginning of this post. The second one is about, guess what, veganism. I feel the need to point out a misconception about it that non-vegans always seem to think. "How boring. What do you eat?" *facepalms* What did I eat today?

When I first woke up I killed off some Red Curry Thai dish from last night(fucking goood shit). Then I had a carrot cake Cliff bar. Then the bf went out and fetched a horde of food including subs from Mr.Sub, three kinds of awesome soup(Red Curry, Moroccan Chickpea, and a sweet potatoes vegetable one). Then I killed off a Nanaimo bar, and I've been picking at a chocolate cheesecake. Both desserts come from www.sweetsfromtheearth.com btw.

All this and it's only 6:30.

I weigh 127ish pounds, I am 5'6", and no, I don't just have really good metabolism(people are actually surprised at my weight fyi. I personally think most girls just lie and say they are lighter than they really are). Before going vegan, I weighed alittle more then 10 pounds heavier, exercised 5 days a week, calorie counted like crazy, and tried my best to avoid ALL junk(which is torture for me. It really is), and I never looked half as good as I do now.

Now it's rare that I check out the calories of my food, and even if I do, I never get bummed out like I used to. Like I said, I am thinner. I'm not as fit as say, Jessica Alba, but that's cause I stopped working out a couple months ago. I intend on doing regular yoga again soon though.

My point is that people accuse vegans of depriving themselves of good, hearty, delicious foods, which is so unbelievably untrue. I eat way more types of food than I ever did before veganism, or than most average people. Every night my dinner looks like and tastes like something off a restaurant menu. I adore grocery shopping cause how veganism opened me up to a larger variety of dishes. Also, the creativity of trying to mimick traditional dishes, but veganize them. It's fun stuff!

Compare what I have eaten so far, to what Jessica Alba eats in an entire day. Or any other celebrity(this applies to everyday people as well).

I eat what I want, when I want, and I keep a leaner, healthier figure than when I wasn't vegan. I should also mention that I don't need to eat this often. I do it cause I can, and I no longer have to control myself for fear of losing my lean figure.

That is all. Farewell, until the next rant.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Can't sleep. I randomly started thinking about something whilst lying in bed and it has left me restless. I had pointed out in a previous post about how I've felt distant around my friends. "It seems to bother me alot now that my friends, some I've had since the beginning of school pretty much, are the same as the people I rant about every day. I feel distant from them and not just cause I moved. *sigh*"

It's just, I feel totally different around them. Like I'm always on edge. I was with one friend recently and she particularly has no consideration whatsoever, which is bizarre to me since she is an animal lover. For example, we'll be eating and she'll be talking about how good the beef she's eating tastes...or how she went out to dinner the other night and got *insert a bunch of tortured animal bits here* and how it was awesome. I just don't get it. Does she think I'm going to feel joy that she very briefly enjoyed the passing of animal flesh over her tastebuds?

She even asked me to have my mom pick up milk for her. I did it. I feel like scum. I know I'm not consuming it, but even being a part of something involving animal products disgusts me more then anyone can even imagine. I feel such guilt.

My point about her asking me to get her milk...does the thought not even cross her mind that maybe I would not like that? I don't know. I think if she'd be willing to expose herself to what's really going on in factory farming, she'd be more considerate. But no. Her eyes remain shut. Even though I know she is well aware that what happens in order to get her that "delicious" cheese is not pretty.

She once said that just because you eat/use animals products doesn't mean you don't care about animals. This has some truth, however allowing yourself to be blissfully unaware is not ok and never will be. It's like people who actually care but won't take the leap into veganism act like they have a disability or have some sorta disease and can't physically do it. I did it. What makes me so fucking special?? "But I couldn't give up burgers"(This is of course said in a sympathetic tone as if I'm supposed to be understanding). I love food. I'm a raging chocoholic...not to mention I love other junk food desserts(cheesecake to name one!). I knew that it's is not worth having a living creature brutally tortured just for me to sit on my fat ass and indulge in something that lasts no more then a few moments. I shop at regular grocery stores. I see these things I once craved(and still do when I see them), and I walk away from them. It's not worth it. Not even close.

Fyi, I went six months without chocolate. I couldn't even go 6 hours before. I only recently have eaten it again due to the fact that vegan options are way more readily available than where I previously lived(I live like a 2 minute walk from a vegan restaurant :D)

Back to what I was saying before; I love food. It's not like I never cared for it so it made it easier to give up dairy, egg, and meat. I can honestly say I love eating more then ever now as a vegan. I have been opened up to way more variety in food, and such amazing tastes. Guilt free. It's actually fun grocery shopping and cooking, trying to recreate a traditional non-vegan dish, or coming up with something completely different. Veganism is an art. Or at least I think so.

Just want to point out some foods that taste or look like animal products that I have recently discovered. Oyster mushrooms look and have the texture of chicken. Artichokes are very much so like fish, texture wise. Portobello mushrooms have a very meaty, beef-like taste. Mushrooms in general are a very good alternative to meat.

Back to the whole friend issues...I feel very bad for speaking poorly of this one friend in particular, but why should I accept that she lives a life supportive of cruelty and condemn others for it? It's cruel, selfish and wrong. And this is not a matter of opinion. Cruelty to animals(or any living being) is wrong.

As I posted in my previous blog, next month is Vegetarian Awareness month so I am going to push stuff on my friends. If it's to no avail, I honestly have no idea what to do...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Until there are none... rescue one!

I thought I'd make a post dedicated to rescues. I am of course referring to the act of finding homes for homeless animals.

Such a sweetie. :)

This is Jackson. I know I mentioned him in a previous post right when I adopted him, but I haven't really followed up on him in more detail. Maybe a small description of him is needed?

Jackson is a longhaired Dachshund. He's a small Standard, hence why he's larger then Bleak. Actually, they are about the same height due to Jacksons super short legs. Jackson is much stockier and less "puppy-ish" looking then Bleak. Jackson turned four in July but the exact date is unknown.

Jackson was surrendered to www.wienerdogrescue.com due to his owner at the time allowing him to cling too much to her. It's easy to see she allowed him to rule the house. This in result made him aggressive towards the children she started fostering when they wanted his old owners attention.

Jackson was super overweight when he first arrived in his foster home. When I got him, he was still large even after losing a few pounds(I liked to refer to him as my "walrus" ;p)

So now I have had him since the beginning of this year and I must say, he is amazing. He's better behaved then Bleak, whom I got at 5 weeks old! Jackson was possessive when I got him and you had to be weary with toys. Personally, I do not believe this is any reason to give up your dog, even though I am happy his old owners did or else he would not be mine! It only took me like a month to teach him whose boss. Things we accomplished were; having him bring toys to me and drop them infront of me and allow me to take them, we did some leash work, which still needs work(I think he just gets excited since I don't think his previous owner did much with him. Plus, he has all this new found energy since his dramatic weightloss), basic commands like come, sit, stay, down, etc, he won't run through doorways unless told he's allowed to, and he also will back up super fast when told to do so(it's quite cute), plus more that I can't seem to think of.

I'd like to point out that his toy aggression was pretty severe. I had quite the battle scars to prove it from one certain occasion. :\ But with patience and practice, he's seriously amazing. And he is also around my niece, and nephews whom are all between the ages of one and three with absolutely no aggression. We still supervise just incase.

I already posted the link where I adopted Jackson from, but I'll post it again!www.wienerdogrescue.com
I just wanted to make a shoutout to them since they do amazing things. This group is all volunteer work. I can't even imagine how much it costs to do this sort of work since a fair amount seem to come in injured and sometimes needing super expensive surgery. It's truly amazing the dedication put into this rescue group(and all other rescue groups too I'm sure). I hope to maybe foster in the future. It'd be tough, but well worth it no doubt.

So if you are considering getting another pet, look into rescuing. I understand some people are maybe picky about what they want, whether it be breed, or temperament, or anything else. I understand. I was specific about what I wanted. And look who I ended up with. A gorgeous, blue-eyed, Piebald longhaired Dachshund who has become bestfriends with my first born, Bleak(and just about anyone else he meets, dog or human). Just because you didn't pick the dog from a litter, doesn't mean you have to settle for just any breed(at Shelters you can't exactly be picky). Opt for rescues. There are many breed specific rescue groups located anywhere and everywhere and are usually willing to transport the pet to you(Jackson came from about a 10 hour drive from me). Rescue groups never put down animals due to over crowding.

I would like to point out that I am not encouraging people to avoid Animal Shelters. If you are not picky, and you just want a loving companion, go to your local shelter. The kill rates are super high. It's devastating to know perfectly healthy, innocent animals are killed just because someone wanted a puppy, and the large abundance of selfish breeders.

Adopt! You won't regret it!

One more thing, October is Vegetarian Awareness Month! http://www.worldvegetarianday.org/  I believe that if you truly want to make a dent in animal cruelty, then vegan is the way to go. But any effort is appreciated by me and I encourage people to try vegetarianism/veganism for a month. Look up recipes, read up on the impact it makes, and also watch documentaries, or read articles on the various mistreatment of animals. It's a huge bummer, but it is also an eye opener and people need to see what happens every single day.

Spread the word. ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Irrelevant Update

I have not posted in here in like over two months so I figure I should post something. I had originally started this blog just as a place to vent. Somewhere to spew information. But the truth is, I've been happy, hence less need for venting. I'm still bitter, and always will be, about the lack of compassion for other species(and our own), and environmentally related issues. But this isn't going to change anytime soon. Not in my lifetime. I'll still do my part though and hopefully influence others to do so.

I have found someone who is on the same page as me. I thought that was a lost cause and to just accept that. But I was very happily wrong about this. I need this. It seems to bother me alot now that my friends, some I've had since the beginning of school pretty much, are the same as the people I rant about every day. I feel distant from them and not just cause I moved. *sigh*

Monday, May 2, 2011

Death whispered a lullaby

I love music.

I sing.

I plan on posting recordings here soon. Just shitty recordings of me practicing.

That is all.

For the love of Isis...

...is a mostly bellydance show that takes place at The Scottish Club, which I believe is in Windsor. I will be performing in this show, which, as stated in a previous post, is kinda a big deal. I, Korinne, who has bellydanced for a measly two years, will be performing with people who have danced double that plus some(more like ten years. O.O). You think I'd be flattered, but I'm just scared shitless. I keep telling myself just to dance what you feel. It doesn't matter how technically good you are, if you don't do it from the heart, people see that and it won't leave as much as an impact. Or so I believe simply because this is how I feel.

So to recap(mostly just because I don't know how much info I gave before). I am dancing to the Ginger Snaps movie theme. I've been trying not to practice to it much since I want to really feel it when I perform. I will benefit none by getting sick of the song. Especially since I am doing improvisation.

Here's the link.

I may or may not upload a video of me dancing to this song in hopes that people will watch and it and let me honestly know what needs improvement.
N! ss n! ss n! ss n! ss

Jackson update!

I have a couple things I'd like to say, but they are all unrelated so I am going to split them into three blogs.

First is Jackson! Or "jaque-son"(he came from Quebec originally ;p)

I could not a have found a better dog for me, or Bleak. I mean, he definitely has his issues(which I'll go into more detail later), but they are things I am more then willing to work through with him.

He is just so chilling, to say the least. He just wants to be loved. Like most dogs. And Bleak and him get along so damn well it's unreal. They are such a perfect match. Bleak has a thing for...hygiene. He basically likes to lick teeth, ears, and eyes. Jackson just takes it. Most dogs get mad.

I'd like to add that Jackson is also now a vegan as well! He has some weight issues from his owners before. I absolutely DESPISE people who make there animals fat. I understand some animals(and people) just are naturally more hefty, but Jackson definitely is not, considering he has already lost some weight in the 3ish weeks I have had him. He's getting ready for bikini season! :D

Now to point out his "issues". He has some possessiveness. More so just for toys. So I have been careful with them. Actually, we had a rather bad incident when I first let him have a toy. Long story short, I was being dumb and not thinking, and mindlessly went to throw his toy to get him to move out of my yoga vicinity, and he snarled and snapped at me. I responded in a negative manner and got a nice swollen bruise on my forearm. I take full responsibility. I felt like fucking scum all that night until I got home from work and he ran up to me just as excited as always(am I a dork for getting teary eyed? lol). I have to make a video of his excitement. It's so funny. His whole body wiggles from the momentum of his fiercely wagging tail. And he cries alittle. Then after all this love making ends, he yawns and makes a hilarious chewbacca noise.

But yeah, so I've looked into the whole aggression thing. He's really not bad at all. His foster mom worked with him really well. It's obvious. All it takes is alittle "leave it" or "no" and he will drop it and let you take it. He even plays with toys with Bleak now too. :)
:) They thought I had food. Silly weiners.

So sreepy...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Two things. Completely unrelated.


And the second thing, I just wanted to post a link to this make up. I have never used it, but plan on buying some ASAP. They make vegan stuff. Very cheap! And such amazing eyeshadow colours! What really sold me though was the fact that they are named after two things I love. Zelda and Pokemon!!



Oh, and did I mention jackson is coming home with me Sunday? :D I seriously can't wait. D: Two days!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm tattooed in your mind...never to let go

I wanted to share a cute video of my Dachshund, "Bleak". When I got my new tattoo, he must have been quite concerned for me. The morning after I got it, I awoke to him stretching over the mountain of blankets sniffing at my slightly revealed new ink. I figured I'd see where this went before I shooed him away(it tickled!). He then crawled over the blankets and stared down my tattoo for a second before he proceeded to bury it with blankets! here's the video I took days later. he continued to do this until it healed. :)

And I also have an announcement! I have applied to rescue a dachshund from www.wienerdogrescue.com. I did this back before christmas. However it's been alot of waiting...and I expected alot more waiting! I got a call recently about one specific dachsie, then an email with some info about two others! So far this one looks promising. :D

Meet Jackson!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pet owners(or anyone), please watch! :)

If you are a pet owner, or even just a pet lover, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this. very insightful. Watch the entire thing. Or else! >:c


Friday, March 4, 2011

Leave everything behind...

*rocks out to Amaranthe*


Oh ok. So this post is mostly meant for me. I would like to collect my thoughts on a certain subject. I've just been thinking of how much my opinion on it has changed.

The subject; Relationships.

And when I say relationships, I am referring to both romantic, and also friendships(in some parts).

So back in the day I believed I would meet the right man for me, and we'd end up together forever. I was never stupid and thought of this in the fairytale sense, just for the record. I also believe you should never look for a significant other(and I still think this way).

Well, that was short...now for my current thoughts.

So I believe that from every relationship, both romantic and non-romantic, we gain something from it. Life is about experiencing things and learning. Both good and bad. You learn so much. There is not a relationship that I regret. Even if it ended horribly. I have gained so much from that and I am so much stronger and a better person for it.

Before, if I felt there was a contributing factor to possible relationship that I thought would make it fail, I wouldn't even go there thinking it was a waste of time. I was trying to avoid getting hurt every possible way. But now I think if there is something to be gained from it, so what if I get hurt? I am strong enough to get on with my life.

I don't believe in soulmates. I think we are like puzzles. There isn't just one fit. There are many.

We start our relationships based off our certain needs at the time. But our needs change and their are very few people that continue to meet these for a lifetime. I'm not saying it never happens! It's just rare. I've had one good friend for most of my life and we are still friends. So it's possible. Just extremely rare.

So because our needs change, we should take from our relationships what we can, and then move on if need be, instead of dwelling in a lost cause. People are so caught up in not "being alone". Well, if you didn't ditch your friends when you got a boyfriend/girlfriend, you wouldn't ever truly be alone. -.- I get so tired of this excuse.

So yeah, here I am now more than willing to accept the fact that I will have multiple boyfriends in my life. I honestly don't believe I will be with one person forever. But who knows! And I'm content with that. I actually kind of think my purpose is to...hmm, how to word this...basically I get with a guy. Guy has issues, I stay with them and help them through it the best I can and then move on. Guy may or may not get better. I guess I try my best to be an eye opener. I think because I've conquered my own demons. I understand.

Hmmm...I have probably left something out...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A new age dawns..???

This blog is brought on by a train of thought from a possible opportunity. If it's what I think it is, it is kind of a big deal. But I'll get to that after!

First, I would like to share with you a life changing journey. Calling it "life changing" isn't really an exaggeration either.

This story takes place about two years ago when I randomly decided to look up bellydance dvds. I have always had an interest in it and decided what would it hurt to buy a instructional dvd and check it out? So as I was looking I came across this one, and if you knew me, you'd know why it immediately caught my eye. ;)
I then looked up Rachel Brice(the perdy lady on the dvd cover) and realized there are many types of bellydance. Rachel does Tribal Fusion. I immediately fell in love with it after watching videos on youtube. Long story short, I then sought out lessons in this style. I found a teacher who also has interest in this style. Unfortunately, there isn't much demand for tribal around here so she can't base her lessons off that. So between lessons from her, and many Tribal dvd's, I have learned alot in these two years.

Now what's life changing about bellydance is that it also lead me to yoga, which I absolutely adore as well. It's the only form of exercise that I enjoy and keep up with! (Just for the record, alot of bellydancers do yoga as a form of strength training, and also for the increased flexibility. Not to mention as a warm up for bellydance.)

Over these two years, I have indulged in a much healthier, fulfilling lifestyle. I take care of my body now, which I never did before(you only have one afterall). I was actually...dare I say, opposed to exercise and health in general. And with the healthier lifestyle, it also lead me to vegan-ism. My main reason for being vegan is animal rights, but the health benefits are definitely a big part of it too. I'm just so much more compassionate and selfless now and I love it. And it all started with bellydance! I could go on and on about this...but I'll stop. :D

What is this opportunity I mentioned at the beginning you ask?(or maybe you don't care :P) So after my performances at Shimmyfest(my teachers annual bellydance show), I had a bellydancer approach me after about performing in her show at the end of may. She said she'd give me more details through facebook. So I was checking out her pics and came across a folder labeled "For the love of Isis". This show is more professional. Not only are there bellydancers, but vocalists and such. I checked the flyer date and it's the end of May. Which means I might have my first more professional solo! I am nervous already. :/ I already have the perfect song for it which I will do improv(again, another first since I have never done an improv solo).
This song is just perfect. I love it and can listen to it over and over again. It's so beautiful and tragic.

I'll keep this blog posted with more details!


Friday, February 25, 2011

"There is no such thing as a free animal"

I read my friends blog(of the same name) and it got me ranting abit in my head. I'll probably cover some of the stuff she said in hers, but in my own way and maybe this rant might break off into another? Who knows!

http://sarahsramblins.blogspot.com/2011/02/no-such-thing-as-free-animal.html  <---read

I always have trouble starting to write. lol Where to begin...

 Oh! People are dumb.

Let me paint you alittle picture here. Person sees cute puppy. Person thinks "CUTTTTEEE!!!". Person buys puppy(usually for cheap since these selfish dicks won't pay full price. If you can't afford to pay full price for an animal, you can't afford the animal. Unless it's a rescue. Then that's another story). A few weeks...or even days later, person realizes puppy actually involves work. Person gets mad at puppy for doing unwanted behavior. Person either remains irresponsible and keeps puppy, or decides to get rid of it.

One thing that REALLY gets to me is people always treat there animals like people. Animals speak another language. I think it is crucial we learn to understand them. Trust me, your life with your dog will be so much less stressful and more rewarding for the both of you. When the dog pees in the house, or barks, or chews, it's usually YOUR fault. Not the animals. Like if you left paper towels on a low table and the puppy takes it and shreds it allover your house, it is your fault for leaving it there in the first place. Would you leave a glass on the edge of a table with infants around? No(I hope not at least). They don't know any better and could end up breaking it, and possibly injuring themselves. Same goes for animals.

Here is one example of irresponsible behavior;
People will buy a specific breed of dog without researching it. All breeds are different. They each have there own quirks, and health issues and it is crucial you look into this before purchasing the pet.  A good example is with Border Collies. This breed was bred for working all day long. Then people come along and buy one simply cause it's "looks". They then get mad when the dog chews, and tears apart stuff. The dog is literally going stir crazy. Since they are a working breed, they need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. People just don't get this and they blame the dog. Really? Your dog chews apart your newspaper and it's the dogs fault? Maybe you should have researched the breed before hand and you'd realize locking it in a small apartment for hours on end with nothing to do is not a good idea. Or maybe you could get off your lazy ass and walk it. Don't have the time? You shouldn't have the dog then.

Another thing that pisses me off is when people allow there pets to become obese. Again, this is another lazy thing people do. They claim they "don't have time" to have feeding times. -.- It takes two seconds. Especially for most people since they use commercial food brands. All you do is scoop some food twice a day. Voila! Not hard people. If I had nothing to do all day and there was always food infront of me, I'd be fat too. :/

And to cover abit of what Sarah said. There is indeed no such thing as a free animal. My dog in the first year of owning him easily cost me $1000. You need to get their shots on time and neutering them before they go through puberty is extremely important. I personally didn't want Bleak "marking" in my house. :/ All of these things need to be done at a certain time. You can't put it aside for when it's convenient for you. Not to mention, you need to have backup money incase they get ill. Bleak got extremely ill about a year back and I had to leave him overnight at the vet on IV(this story breaks my heart even typing it). He had to get bloodwork done and the works. Cost me over $500 on the spot. And this wasn't a situation where I could put it off. He would have died for sure. D:

Ah, Bleak demands my attention. lol he's sitting at my feet growling at me to play. He says "hai!". :D

Windows to the soul...oOoOoOo

Yesterday my teacher and her students(including yours truly) got invited to do some modeling in bellydance attire for a photography class. 'twas fun. I've done modeling before but it was one on one with just the photographer and I. This was more of a paparazzi ambush. lol Anywho, I don't have pics from that yet, but I took some of my make up when I got home.

I use this palette ALL the time. The colours are just so gorgeous. You can go really dramatic with them, or subtle and natural.
So basically what I did was smear that lighter brown on the right allover the upper lid(and lined the lower with it too). Then I took a copper colour. Mine is Mary K "eyesicles" in "something" Bronze(the first word was smudged lol) and smeared it in the middle area on the upper lid. You'll see what I mean in the pics. Then I took the dark brown on the lower right(it's alot darker then what the pic shows) and put it in the outer corners of both lower and upper lids and blended it into the upper crease. I also blended it out away from the eye in a sorta point to make a harsher, more dramatic line. Then blend, blend, BLEND. The liner is a gel liner in black and as you can see, it's thick, and bold with a "tail". I think the liner was extremely important in this look, personally. And last but not least; false lashes and black mascara! Oh, and as always, I forget, I highlighted the browbone and inner corners of the eye in a shimmery white. This is also important. Do this before everything else!
This one shows the colour best and most accurate.
I <3 falsies.

I look out of it here...lol

 And that is all. I plan on rocking this look for my bellydance performance tomorrow. :D

Also, another thing I forgot...I actually have white glitter on the inner corners and along my upper cheekbones. You can't see it in pics though.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Ink, yo.

So on February 15th at approximately 6:00pm, my new tattoo was brought into the world in all it's glory.
Four hours later...it is complete.

The day after. Lovely tape marks still.

 I have been wanting a filigree design for awhile, and then found the perfect one(it's off of one of my band shirts). It ended up taking about four grueling hours. Well actually, it was only bad when he first started since it was the outline, then like the last hour was brutal. I'm not gonna lie...I was crying inside abit.

He ended up drawing it on freehand.

...and so it begins.

I look too damn happy.

...and their eulogies sang me to sleep.
The process...

I had it done by Tim Reid at;

I love his work and have been wanting one done by him for around 2 years. :D GO TO HIM TO GET YOUR TATTOOS. MEOW.

Sleepy time. Farewell.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Appearance is deceptive, so perfect in disguise....

This blog post shall be based around makeup. I have some older photos that i took cause I originally planned on making just a make up blog. But either way, here's some make up I have done recently.

I don't feel like going into detail so i will simplify it! The order goes as such(inner corner to outer); shimmery white, pink, green, navy blue(same on the lower lid too). You put these all on and blend, blend, blend. And when you think you've blended enough, blend more! Then I used a black "gel" eyeliner and did the whole "cateye". I also lined the inner lower lid. And as for the lashes...they are fake. I love fake lashes!
Simone in the background! *fangirls*

Now the make up in this next pic is the same idea as the previous. The colours are(from inner to outer) yellow, green, dark purple(I think I highlighted the inner corners too). Also mirrored on the lower lid. And again, cat eyeliner in black. I like "gel" liners.

And here is my beautiful "wife", Tammy! Here she has silver with black in the outer corners blended into the crease. I also rimmed the lower outer corners with black for a dramatic look. And as always, black liner/mascara and I highlighted the inner corners. This look is fairly easy for how dramatic it looks, however it's messy! This is why I have never really used black in the past. Mostly just stuck with dark browns.
It's desaturated, but since it's not a colour look, full colour isn't necessary.
And this next look is also featured on Tammy. Here she has my personal favorite look! I couldn't find pics of myself rocking it as well. :(

I wish these photos could justify this look. In real life, the make up is really shimmery and looks more...teal. Rather then turquoise like how it looks in the photos. But anywho...this is teal blended allover the lid and up abit on the brow bone with dark purple in the outer corners on both lower and upper lids. I also smudged teal along the whole lower lid and highlighted her inner corners. Eyeliner is black and same with mascara!

 So yeah. Checked my photo stash and I don't any other worthy pics of other make up stuffs. I plan on recreating my "Ginger Snaps" look I had for Halloween since I don't have any good photos of it.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I, Vegan.

This blog will be dedicated to another huge aspect of my life.

I, Korinne, am a Vegan. Or as a prefer, "Herbivore"...or "Animal Rights Activist. Take your pick. :) Either way, I do not consume any animal products and hopefully will cut out anything coming from animals. So anything from make up...to clothing. Unfortunately we live in a "non-vegan" world and this is near impossible. However, that doesn't mean give up. Do your best! Any little bit helps!

Perhaps a quote from my favorite vegan singer is needed? Methinks, YES. Alissa White-Gluz <3

"Animal rights are difficult to win, and progress is slow but steady, because many people disregard the fact that animals are sentient and think and feel, simply because they do not communicate via human language."
-Alissa White-Gluz

So my journey began about two years ago. I was at work...bored out of my mind and for some reason decided to look up slaughterhouse stuff. Well, this led to videos. What I saw...now I knew animals were not treated fairly, but this was beyond what I expected. I just can't believe humans can actually be so heartless. Beyond heartless actually. It sickened me. After that I decided to go vegetarian. But since I was raised carnivorous(like so many of us unfortunately) I was very easily intimidated and gave up.

A year passes, and I thought about it again. I then realized I hadn't even ate meat in awhile anyways. Perfect opportunity to start? I think so. So then two months pass after successfully becoming vegetarian, and I thought "Why stop here? What difference am I really making?". For the unaware, animals used for milking and eggs are treated just as cruelly...but that's something for you to research for yourself!

So here I am. Vegan and loving every second of it. It's been only like threeish months and I can't imagine ever going back. At first I had a hard time with "sweets" since I love them oh so much. But I just feel such guilt...during AND after...it's not worth it. The whole time I'm thinking "why am I doing this? It's not even worth it...just stop." I feel like such a failure after.

Now people feel like you sacrifice so much when going vegan. "You're vegan. What do you eat?"

My answer;

I still eat "burgers", and icecream, and pastas, bagels, peanutbutter, candies, pizza...ect. You just have to switch up the recipe. And before you say "but then it's not as good" stop and try it. The important thing is remaining open minded. If you don't like it the first time, try it again! And some foods, you'll love the first time! I still recall my first experience with soy icecream. *sighs* ...*foodgasms*
So Delicious? Yes. Yes, you are.

Another thing I will point out(since I'm on the topic of soy icecream), is how when you say something is a soy product, they are sooo damn fast to turn it down. "EWWWWW SOYY". I find this funny since like EVERYTHING has soy in it. It just isn't labeled as such. So such all you soy haters! *noms on Icecream...err...icesoy?*

That is all for now. I shall leave you with a pic proving why animals are worth fighting for.