Friday, March 4, 2011

Leave everything behind...

*rocks out to Amaranthe*


Oh ok. So this post is mostly meant for me. I would like to collect my thoughts on a certain subject. I've just been thinking of how much my opinion on it has changed.

The subject; Relationships.

And when I say relationships, I am referring to both romantic, and also friendships(in some parts).

So back in the day I believed I would meet the right man for me, and we'd end up together forever. I was never stupid and thought of this in the fairytale sense, just for the record. I also believe you should never look for a significant other(and I still think this way).

Well, that was for my current thoughts.

So I believe that from every relationship, both romantic and non-romantic, we gain something from it. Life is about experiencing things and learning. Both good and bad. You learn so much. There is not a relationship that I regret. Even if it ended horribly. I have gained so much from that and I am so much stronger and a better person for it.

Before, if I felt there was a contributing factor to possible relationship that I thought would make it fail, I wouldn't even go there thinking it was a waste of time. I was trying to avoid getting hurt every possible way. But now I think if there is something to be gained from it, so what if I get hurt? I am strong enough to get on with my life.

I don't believe in soulmates. I think we are like puzzles. There isn't just one fit. There are many.

We start our relationships based off our certain needs at the time. But our needs change and their are very few people that continue to meet these for a lifetime. I'm not saying it never happens! It's just rare. I've had one good friend for most of my life and we are still friends. So it's possible. Just extremely rare.

So because our needs change, we should take from our relationships what we can, and then move on if need be, instead of dwelling in a lost cause. People are so caught up in not "being alone". Well, if you didn't ditch your friends when you got a boyfriend/girlfriend, you wouldn't ever truly be alone. -.- I get so tired of this excuse.

So yeah, here I am now more than willing to accept the fact that I will have multiple boyfriends in my life. I honestly don't believe I will be with one person forever. But who knows! And I'm content with that. I actually kind of think my purpose is to...hmm, how to word this...basically I get with a guy. Guy has issues, I stay with them and help them through it the best I can and then move on. Guy may or may not get better. I guess I try my best to be an eye opener. I think because I've conquered my own demons. I understand.

Hmmm...I have probably left something out...

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