Friday, February 25, 2011

"There is no such thing as a free animal"

I read my friends blog(of the same name) and it got me ranting abit in my head. I'll probably cover some of the stuff she said in hers, but in my own way and maybe this rant might break off into another? Who knows!  <---read

I always have trouble starting to write. lol Where to begin...

 Oh! People are dumb.

Let me paint you alittle picture here. Person sees cute puppy. Person thinks "CUTTTTEEE!!!". Person buys puppy(usually for cheap since these selfish dicks won't pay full price. If you can't afford to pay full price for an animal, you can't afford the animal. Unless it's a rescue. Then that's another story). A few weeks...or even days later, person realizes puppy actually involves work. Person gets mad at puppy for doing unwanted behavior. Person either remains irresponsible and keeps puppy, or decides to get rid of it.

One thing that REALLY gets to me is people always treat there animals like people. Animals speak another language. I think it is crucial we learn to understand them. Trust me, your life with your dog will be so much less stressful and more rewarding for the both of you. When the dog pees in the house, or barks, or chews, it's usually YOUR fault. Not the animals. Like if you left paper towels on a low table and the puppy takes it and shreds it allover your house, it is your fault for leaving it there in the first place. Would you leave a glass on the edge of a table with infants around? No(I hope not at least). They don't know any better and could end up breaking it, and possibly injuring themselves. Same goes for animals.

Here is one example of irresponsible behavior;
People will buy a specific breed of dog without researching it. All breeds are different. They each have there own quirks, and health issues and it is crucial you look into this before purchasing the pet.  A good example is with Border Collies. This breed was bred for working all day long. Then people come along and buy one simply cause it's "looks". They then get mad when the dog chews, and tears apart stuff. The dog is literally going stir crazy. Since they are a working breed, they need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. People just don't get this and they blame the dog. Really? Your dog chews apart your newspaper and it's the dogs fault? Maybe you should have researched the breed before hand and you'd realize locking it in a small apartment for hours on end with nothing to do is not a good idea. Or maybe you could get off your lazy ass and walk it. Don't have the time? You shouldn't have the dog then.

Another thing that pisses me off is when people allow there pets to become obese. Again, this is another lazy thing people do. They claim they "don't have time" to have feeding times. -.- It takes two seconds. Especially for most people since they use commercial food brands. All you do is scoop some food twice a day. Voila! Not hard people. If I had nothing to do all day and there was always food infront of me, I'd be fat too. :/

And to cover abit of what Sarah said. There is indeed no such thing as a free animal. My dog in the first year of owning him easily cost me $1000. You need to get their shots on time and neutering them before they go through puberty is extremely important. I personally didn't want Bleak "marking" in my house. :/ All of these things need to be done at a certain time. You can't put it aside for when it's convenient for you. Not to mention, you need to have backup money incase they get ill. Bleak got extremely ill about a year back and I had to leave him overnight at the vet on IV(this story breaks my heart even typing it). He had to get bloodwork done and the works. Cost me over $500 on the spot. And this wasn't a situation where I could put it off. He would have died for sure. D:

Ah, Bleak demands my attention. lol he's sitting at my feet growling at me to play. He says "hai!". :D

Windows to the soul...oOoOoOo

Yesterday my teacher and her students(including yours truly) got invited to do some modeling in bellydance attire for a photography class. 'twas fun. I've done modeling before but it was one on one with just the photographer and I. This was more of a paparazzi ambush. lol Anywho, I don't have pics from that yet, but I took some of my make up when I got home.

I use this palette ALL the time. The colours are just so gorgeous. You can go really dramatic with them, or subtle and natural.
So basically what I did was smear that lighter brown on the right allover the upper lid(and lined the lower with it too). Then I took a copper colour. Mine is Mary K "eyesicles" in "something" Bronze(the first word was smudged lol) and smeared it in the middle area on the upper lid. You'll see what I mean in the pics. Then I took the dark brown on the lower right(it's alot darker then what the pic shows) and put it in the outer corners of both lower and upper lids and blended it into the upper crease. I also blended it out away from the eye in a sorta point to make a harsher, more dramatic line. Then blend, blend, BLEND. The liner is a gel liner in black and as you can see, it's thick, and bold with a "tail". I think the liner was extremely important in this look, personally. And last but not least; false lashes and black mascara! Oh, and as always, I forget, I highlighted the browbone and inner corners of the eye in a shimmery white. This is also important. Do this before everything else!
This one shows the colour best and most accurate.
I <3 falsies.

I look out of it

 And that is all. I plan on rocking this look for my bellydance performance tomorrow. :D

Also, another thing I forgot...I actually have white glitter on the inner corners and along my upper cheekbones. You can't see it in pics though.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Ink, yo.

So on February 15th at approximately 6:00pm, my new tattoo was brought into the world in all it's glory.
Four hours is complete.

The day after. Lovely tape marks still.

 I have been wanting a filigree design for awhile, and then found the perfect one(it's off of one of my band shirts). It ended up taking about four grueling hours. Well actually, it was only bad when he first started since it was the outline, then like the last hour was brutal. I'm not gonna lie...I was crying inside abit.

He ended up drawing it on freehand.

...and so it begins.

I look too damn happy.

...and their eulogies sang me to sleep.
The process...

I had it done by Tim Reid at;

I love his work and have been wanting one done by him for around 2 years. :D GO TO HIM TO GET YOUR TATTOOS. MEOW.

Sleepy time. Farewell.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Appearance is deceptive, so perfect in disguise....

This blog post shall be based around makeup. I have some older photos that i took cause I originally planned on making just a make up blog. But either way, here's some make up I have done recently.

I don't feel like going into detail so i will simplify it! The order goes as such(inner corner to outer); shimmery white, pink, green, navy blue(same on the lower lid too). You put these all on and blend, blend, blend. And when you think you've blended enough, blend more! Then I used a black "gel" eyeliner and did the whole "cateye". I also lined the inner lower lid. And as for the lashes...they are fake. I love fake lashes!
Simone in the background! *fangirls*

Now the make up in this next pic is the same idea as the previous. The colours are(from inner to outer) yellow, green, dark purple(I think I highlighted the inner corners too). Also mirrored on the lower lid. And again, cat eyeliner in black. I like "gel" liners.

And here is my beautiful "wife", Tammy! Here she has silver with black in the outer corners blended into the crease. I also rimmed the lower outer corners with black for a dramatic look. And as always, black liner/mascara and I highlighted the inner corners. This look is fairly easy for how dramatic it looks, however it's messy! This is why I have never really used black in the past. Mostly just stuck with dark browns.
It's desaturated, but since it's not a colour look, full colour isn't necessary.
And this next look is also featured on Tammy. Here she has my personal favorite look! I couldn't find pics of myself rocking it as well. :(

I wish these photos could justify this look. In real life, the make up is really shimmery and looks more...teal. Rather then turquoise like how it looks in the photos. But anywho...this is teal blended allover the lid and up abit on the brow bone with dark purple in the outer corners on both lower and upper lids. I also smudged teal along the whole lower lid and highlighted her inner corners. Eyeliner is black and same with mascara!

 So yeah. Checked my photo stash and I don't any other worthy pics of other make up stuffs. I plan on recreating my "Ginger Snaps" look I had for Halloween since I don't have any good photos of it.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I, Vegan.

This blog will be dedicated to another huge aspect of my life.

I, Korinne, am a Vegan. Or as a prefer, "Herbivore"...or "Animal Rights Activist. Take your pick. :) Either way, I do not consume any animal products and hopefully will cut out anything coming from animals. So anything from make clothing. Unfortunately we live in a "non-vegan" world and this is near impossible. However, that doesn't mean give up. Do your best! Any little bit helps!

Perhaps a quote from my favorite vegan singer is needed? Methinks, YES. Alissa White-Gluz <3

"Animal rights are difficult to win, and progress is slow but steady, because many people disregard the fact that animals are sentient and think and feel, simply because they do not communicate via human language."
-Alissa White-Gluz

So my journey began about two years ago. I was at work...bored out of my mind and for some reason decided to look up slaughterhouse stuff. Well, this led to videos. What I I knew animals were not treated fairly, but this was beyond what I expected. I just can't believe humans can actually be so heartless. Beyond heartless actually. It sickened me. After that I decided to go vegetarian. But since I was raised carnivorous(like so many of us unfortunately) I was very easily intimidated and gave up.

A year passes, and I thought about it again. I then realized I hadn't even ate meat in awhile anyways. Perfect opportunity to start? I think so. So then two months pass after successfully becoming vegetarian, and I thought "Why stop here? What difference am I really making?". For the unaware, animals used for milking and eggs are treated just as cruelly...but that's something for you to research for yourself!

So here I am. Vegan and loving every second of it. It's been only like threeish months and I can't imagine ever going back. At first I had a hard time with "sweets" since I love them oh so much. But I just feel such guilt...during AND's not worth it. The whole time I'm thinking "why am I doing this? It's not even worth it...just stop." I feel like such a failure after.

Now people feel like you sacrifice so much when going vegan. "You're vegan. What do you eat?"

My answer;

I still eat "burgers", and icecream, and pastas, bagels, peanutbutter, candies, pizza...ect. You just have to switch up the recipe. And before you say "but then it's not as good" stop and try it. The important thing is remaining open minded. If you don't like it the first time, try it again! And some foods, you'll love the first time! I still recall my first experience with soy icecream. *sighs* ...*foodgasms*
So Delicious? Yes. Yes, you are.

Another thing I will point out(since I'm on the topic of soy icecream), is how when you say something is a soy product, they are sooo damn fast to turn it down. "EWWWWW SOYY". I find this funny since like EVERYTHING has soy in it. It just isn't labeled as such. So such all you soy haters! *noms on Icecream...err...icesoy?*

That is all for now. I shall leave you with a pic proving why animals are worth fighting for.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Bleak post...

So shortly after posting my first and only blog, I thought of something I can talk about forever...and I'm sure alot of my posts will revolve around him...if not all. :p

Meet Bleak!
Mr.Weenie!!!! <3
Bleak is a miniature longhaired Dachshund. And that's DACHS- HUND. NOT DASH-HOUND. When you say it fast it kinda sounds more like "Doc-son". Now I can understand most people not knowing how to pronounce it right...but I've met owners of the breed, and even dog trainers that call them "Dash-Hounds". Anywho...I could go on and on about this. But I'll spare you!
So as I was saying...
Bleak is a miniature longhaired Dachshund. His birthday is March 11th. He was born in 2009 so he will be two this year! How time flies. I still remember the puppy days like they were yesterday. And as much as I loved raising him, damn it's so much work and I'm happy he has matured and mellowed out alot.

What to say about him? I am a proud mommy and he's the love of my life? lol Noone will ever love you like your dog does! Bleak proves this every day. Our day usually starts with me stirring in bed. He notices and comes and smothers my face(literally) to wake me up. Little does he know, smothering ones breathing orifices usually leads to the opposite. Silly weiner doesn't know any better. Then we get up, I let him pee first no matter how bad I have to go. Then I feed him(before me), and when he is done he usually has a little hyper spurt and growls at me until I play tug of war with him. I usually don't give in since I am half asleep still. Then off to bed Bleak goes. lol He is the perfect dog for me.

But anywho...I will stop there for now and leave you with pics of him at 5-6 weeks old. Be jealous! >:c


So...don't know where to start. I guess I have started this blog simply to collect all my thoughts. It's not going to be based around one thing, but many. Anything from make up, to animals, music...maybe personal stuff? Who knows. I will be brutally honest here. There will be no editing in my head before typing. I'm just going to let it out as is. If you are easily offended, well I am not the blog to follow then. I'm bold and blunt and not afraid to express my opinions.

So I guess a proper introduction might be needed?  Screw that. Read my profile! :D