Friday, May 4, 2012

Mah Pooches

Oh how I adore my dogs! Need proof? :D

I already posted a photo of this one, but this is after touch ups. I didn't think it could look any better then it did, but somehow he made it even more realistic! This one took four hours and then the touch up was about 30-40 minutes.

the colours have blended and toned down a tad now that it's completely healed.

 I just finally got Bleaks done last month! We had to split it up in two sitting though since I REALLY wanted to squeeze my appointment in with him before he moved. First session was about 2 hours. I think the second took about 3...maybe 2?

Here's after the first session.
And after it was finished! It still is not healed though.

I'll get a better photo up once it's totally healed. :)

Manly mens

Men seem to have it hard when it comes to veganism/vegetarianism. I mean, ALL of us compassionate folks probably have it hard in certain ways. I have been harassed day after day at my old job. The funny thing is I usually don't tell people I'm vegan unless they ask or the topic comes up, That joke that goes something like "How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don't worry. they'll tell you" is very false in my experience and among the other veggies I personally know. So anyways, at my job, they found out because they were teasing another girl for being vegetarian so I spoke up. After that, the lame jokes rolled in. I can definitely take a joke. I have a great sense of humor. However, there's only so much that I can laugh when it comes to a very serious issue, like animal welfare. If they were vegan too and we were making fun of ourselves, then cool. But these people who joke are the people allowing this massacre and abuse to carry on full force.

On the topic of jokes, my personal favorite is "how many meat eaters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. they'd rather stay in the dark about things".

Anyways, I came here with the intent of writing about male troubles and went on about my own personal bullshit I've gone through. I just have one thing to say and it's about the one comment I am sure a majority of the veggie males get, and that is "Be a man! Eat meat!". So you identify your manliness with animal cruelty? What a tough man you are to let someone else do the dirty work for you! I can hardly contain myself from throwing myself at you naked....yeah, not. Grow some balls. Stand up for something once in your life that actually matters.

Annnnd that is all. Farewell for now and I am hoping to write up more about dog related stuffs tonight as well.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dog training shiz

I've been reading alot about dog training for quite awhile now. One reason would be because I got my first dog almost three years ago. I am also in the process of picking out a trainer to help me with problems I can't seem to fix myself. So naturally, I am doing research. 
Ok, so here is my issue and I can't honestly believe people go for this when they know about all training methods. 
"Remember how happy you were if your parents gave you a dollar for every A on your report card? They made you want to do it again, right? That's positive reinforcement.
Dogs don't care about money. They care about praise … and food. Positive reinforcement training uses praise and/or treats to reward your dog for doing something you want him to do. Because the reward makes him more likely to repeat the behavior, positive reinforcement is one of your most powerful tools for shaping or changing your dog's behavior. "
So basically what positive reinforcement is is shoving treats down your dogs throat at every opportunity. I assure you from experience with my one extremely food motivated dog is that, sure, using treats does help then get what you want them to do. IN THAT MOMENT. So say I am working on the "sit/stay" commands with treats, my dogs is definitely going to do it. But if I go outside and I don't have treats, if he sees a squirrel, or even if there are no distractions, he's probably not going to listen to me unless I start waving food in his face.
"Remember how happy you were if your parents gave you a dollar for every A on your report card? They made you want to do it again, right??"

First of all, since when did that method work? I've been bribed with MANY things throughout school and it never guaranteed that I would do good. I did it when I wanted to, therefore all the control was coming from me. With my dogs, I don't want to bribe them into doing something. If I tell them to do something, it is for their safety and well being so they damn well better do it. Plain and simple. I don't want them to think "Oh, she doesn't have a treat? F^%k that" and that's exactly what happens.
I've been watching Cesar Millan and so many people say he's outdated and such and that dogs actually don't have a pack leader. Regardless of that, his methods clearly work. I have personally tried a few simple things with my dogs that he pointed out in his shows and I've seen immediate results.

"The aggressive manhandling of dogs as Cesar does doesn’t make the dog respect you, they just get scared."

Really? This person is referring to how he pins, "chokes", and "kicks" dogs. *facepalms* Everything he does is not in excess. So for example, he will use the lead to "snap" dogs back into focusing on him. So all he does is alittle, quick tug on the leash. It's equivalent to tapping someones shoulder to get their attention. Same with when he taps them on the side with his foot, or as some crazy people say, "kicking" the dog.
Another thing people need to remember. DOGS ARE NOT WOLVES. We have domesticated them and bred them over and over again to the point that they aren't even close to wolves. So saying that Cesars technique is wrong because wolves do this, or don't do that is just completely flawed.
I understand since "The Dog Whisperer" aired, most uneducated people who watch it think he's just the greatest thing in the world. But for other trainers to actually bash him? That's just ridiculous.
If you actually watch dogs interact, you will see that they don't "bribe" one another to get shit done. They demand it and if you don't do it, you get reprimanded. I think this is also an issue with kids these days(Oh geez, I sound so old. :P). People are too soft on them and now kids are running around all crazy causing all kinds of unpleasant shenanigans. When a mother dog sees her pup doing a unwanted behavior, she doesn't sit him done and say "that's a nono! No treats for you.". She snarls and snaps at the pup and says "Bitch. Stop that shit or else!". And guess what? Shit gets done real fast.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A comparison.

I just was just grooming up my two dogs and decided I'd make a post regarding something extremely important. Two words. DENTAL HYGIENE. Yes. I am telling you to brush your dogs teeth.
Click to see larger, more detailed image.

Bleak, on the left, has significantly better teeth than Jackson as you can clearly see. There is a one year age difference between the two. I highly doubt Bleaks teeth will look like Jacksons in a year though.

Ok, so onto what I actually do with them. I got Bleak as a puppy, however I did not start brushing his teeth regularly until he was just under a year old I believe. I did this so that I wasn't accidentally brushing while he was teething. If you do this, the dog will become bitter towards getting their mouths played around with since they associate it with pain.

Jackson I got back in April and he is four and I very highly doubt he has had his teeth bruushed. Since being with his new family, aka me, his teeth have not gotten worse and have improved abit. I will still need to take him into a vet to get them professionally cleaned. He may need to be put under, which is a pretty expensive procedure.

If dogs(and cats) had their teeth regularly cleaned, then we would save a shitton of money on vet fees. What people do not realize is that so many very serious health issues start with bad teeth. These can include heart and kidney desease(and failure). When growing up, my family had a dog and he died of kidney failure, which I believe was either caused by bad teeth or bad nutrition(but that's another topic).

The fact of the matter is that we are causing not only ourselves, but the animals that become part of our lives to be predestined to a huge increase of disease. :(

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love triangle...or triforce if you will

I forget how long ago, but I was on looking for vegan eyeshadows and came across not only vegan ones, but Zelda and Pokemon inspired shades! Zelda+Pokemon+Vegan= well...perfect. :D I hadn't had the cash at the time so I didn't get around to buying any until recently.

I just got my order in on Tuesday. I bought the following shades;
And I also got these two samples for free! Yay awesome!
I haven't used all of them all yet, other than swiping them on my hand, but I can say the colours are vibrant and gorgeous. Unfortunately, photos never truly justify the true intensity of an eyeshadow. Fo example, I don't think "Veran" looks anything like the photo. It's much prettier in person.
 The look above was done with "Midna" allover the lid and "Ganondorf" on the outer corners. I absolutely love these shades. The photo doesn't really show it, but "Ganondorf" is a black base, with red sheen, and "Midna" is a grey with aqua sheen. Such a gorgeous and creative mixture of colours. On my lips, I put a lip balm on first, then smudged "Hearts" over it to create a stain. I prefer it over any lipstick. But then again, I've never been a fan of lipsticks.
I look cross-eyed lolol
This above look, I smeared just some shimmery white over my lids and then put "Link" on the outer corners. You can't tell, but I added some "Ganondorf" just to darken the outer corners as well.
And this above look is my favorite so far. I've always liked red makeup the best. I find it brings out my eye colour, and just overall appeals the most to me. I combined "Hearts" and "Ganondorf" on the outer corners and smeared the shimmery white over the lid, same as the "Link" look.

Clearly all these shadows are very pretty....but do they last? YES! If you touch your lids alot, it will come off. You shouldn't be touching your face with your dirty ass fingers anyways so stop! >:c I have never used eye primer personally, but would think that intense shades like these would benefit from it.

That is all I have to say about this wonderful line of shadows. I will post more pics once I try more looks. :D BUY HER STUFF! :D  :D  :D

Another thing relating to this topic. I am seriously considering making my own vegan makeup line. It appeals to me in so many ways. I obviously love make up, for one. Veganism is a huge thing for me, so hopefully I will have close friends and family members trading in there usual animal tested drugstore makeup for my stuff. I also would really love to, and kinda need to work for myself, at home, and not have to deal directly with people. I plan on making shades based on things that I love. So things like movies, books, TV show, music....wiener dogs. :D I was obviously inspired by the makeup line shown above. I do not mean to copy her creations in any way.

I have alot of research to do.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few words

First and foremost, I am running out of blog titles here. >:c

Secondly, I have fantasticly awesome blue hair.
Unfortunately, I had to cut like two thirds of it off thanks to damage from bleach. But I am happy with it. It takes minimal time to style, and since I wash it every three days now, it's just so much easier and looks better. I very rarely ever straightened my hair when it was long. I'd usually just throw it in a bun or something to get it out of the way since it took like 40 minutes to straighten and that was a daily thing. :/   Ideally, I'd like it longer then it is though. Methinks in a year, it will be perfect. Also, the blue does fade super fast, but that is due to the bleaching damage. My hair has a hard time holding colour where it took the most damage.

Moving on to the next topic...Bleak has been off his medicine for epilepsy for a couple weeks now with no recurrences. This thrills me of course. Both dogs are doing great. :)

This is alittle random, but since it just happened, I feel the need to share. I just burned my thumb on the lentils I am cooking for the pooches. D:

Annnnnd last but not least! Voila!
This one speaks for itself. I got it done December 30th, 2011 by Daniel Fowler. I will get a better photo after touch ups in a couple weeks. It took almost four hours, three of which were quite unpleasant to say the least. I am getting the same thing on the other thigh, but of Bleak. I am hoping in a month or so I'll have the money....

And this brings me to the next subject;
I am now accepting donations. :D Please????