Monday, May 2, 2011

Death whispered a lullaby

I love music.

I sing.

I plan on posting recordings here soon. Just shitty recordings of me practicing.

That is all.

For the love of Isis... a mostly bellydance show that takes place at The Scottish Club, which I believe is in Windsor. I will be performing in this show, which, as stated in a previous post, is kinda a big deal. I, Korinne, who has bellydanced for a measly two years, will be performing with people who have danced double that plus some(more like ten years. O.O). You think I'd be flattered, but I'm just scared shitless. I keep telling myself just to dance what you feel. It doesn't matter how technically good you are, if you don't do it from the heart, people see that and it won't leave as much as an impact. Or so I believe simply because this is how I feel.

So to recap(mostly just because I don't know how much info I gave before). I am dancing to the Ginger Snaps movie theme. I've been trying not to practice to it much since I want to really feel it when I perform. I will benefit none by getting sick of the song. Especially since I am doing improvisation.

Here's the link.

I may or may not upload a video of me dancing to this song in hopes that people will watch and it and let me honestly know what needs improvement.
N! ss n! ss n! ss n! ss

Jackson update!

I have a couple things I'd like to say, but they are all unrelated so I am going to split them into three blogs.

First is Jackson! Or "jaque-son"(he came from Quebec originally ;p)

I could not a have found a better dog for me, or Bleak. I mean, he definitely has his issues(which I'll go into more detail later), but they are things I am more then willing to work through with him.

He is just so chilling, to say the least. He just wants to be loved. Like most dogs. And Bleak and him get along so damn well it's unreal. They are such a perfect match. Bleak has a thing for...hygiene. He basically likes to lick teeth, ears, and eyes. Jackson just takes it. Most dogs get mad.

I'd like to add that Jackson is also now a vegan as well! He has some weight issues from his owners before. I absolutely DESPISE people who make there animals fat. I understand some animals(and people) just are naturally more hefty, but Jackson definitely is not, considering he has already lost some weight in the 3ish weeks I have had him. He's getting ready for bikini season! :D

Now to point out his "issues". He has some possessiveness. More so just for toys. So I have been careful with them. Actually, we had a rather bad incident when I first let him have a toy. Long story short, I was being dumb and not thinking, and mindlessly went to throw his toy to get him to move out of my yoga vicinity, and he snarled and snapped at me. I responded in a negative manner and got a nice swollen bruise on my forearm. I take full responsibility. I felt like fucking scum all that night until I got home from work and he ran up to me just as excited as always(am I a dork for getting teary eyed? lol). I have to make a video of his excitement. It's so funny. His whole body wiggles from the momentum of his fiercely wagging tail. And he cries alittle. Then after all this love making ends, he yawns and makes a hilarious chewbacca noise.

But yeah, so I've looked into the whole aggression thing. He's really not bad at all. His foster mom worked with him really well. It's obvious. All it takes is alittle "leave it" or "no" and he will drop it and let you take it. He even plays with toys with Bleak now too. :)
:) They thought I had food. Silly weiners.

So sreepy...