Friday, May 4, 2012

Mah Pooches

Oh how I adore my dogs! Need proof? :D

I already posted a photo of this one, but this is after touch ups. I didn't think it could look any better then it did, but somehow he made it even more realistic! This one took four hours and then the touch up was about 30-40 minutes.

the colours have blended and toned down a tad now that it's completely healed.

 I just finally got Bleaks done last month! We had to split it up in two sitting though since I REALLY wanted to squeeze my appointment in with him before he moved. First session was about 2 hours. I think the second took about 3...maybe 2?

Here's after the first session.
And after it was finished! It still is not healed though.

I'll get a better photo up once it's totally healed. :)

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