Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wish I spoke dog

I am very confused. Jackson has developed, quite randomly, some weird new unpleasant behavioral problems. I am not sure if all of them are connected someway...maybe it's something me or my boyfriend are doing and aren't aware of? I really don't know.

I think it started with excessive barking. When I first got him, the first few times I walked him he would bark and run to the end of the leash at strangers. This obviously displeased me so I would correct him by using a firm "NO" and would make him pay attention to me. I basically showed him that I am boss and this new household has rules. That's all it took with him. He caught on super fast.

That was the end of that until about maybe two months ago. I was sitting in the grass with both dogs and a man walked by with his two very respectful, non threatening dogs. You know those dogs that when they see another dog, they go nuts, barking and growling loudly and yanking/jumping around on the end of the leash completely ignoring the owner?? Yeah, that was Jackson. He managed to claw my leg too. I was furious to say the least. Not to mention, very VERY baffled by his behavior.

Since getting Bleak and being super close to him since day 1, I have become a strong believer that dogs really do have more insight on the goodness of others(human or animal) almost immediately. This why if Jackson would occasionally bark at certain people or another dog, it didn't bother me. But now it's turned into excessive barking at pretty much anyone he doesn't know.

So that is where these behavioral problems started. Well, one random idea is it all ties into him having separation anxiety. Maybe it's just anxiety in general. Just a thought since this has been there worst problem since I moved 4 months ago.

Which leads me to another problem that I originally wasn't going to mention, but maybe I should just to document it.

Jackson has had separation anxiety since I got him. It was never severe at first. He would just cry for like 10 minutes or so. When I left the house, I would close him off in my bedroom. Until about 2 or 3 months of doing this, he randomly decided that he couldn't take it and clawed the shit out of my door. I started leaving him loose in the house with Bleak and he seemed much happier.

Since moving, I discovered that leaving them home alone would result in my eviction(no exaggerations here). I started working with them and got to the point where we could leave them for 30ish minutes without any signs of anxiety. After doing this for about a week, you'd think they would get better. But no, Jackson randomly got over anxious before I even left one day and as soon as I shut the door he started barking and howling immediately. Again, me=baffled.

OK on to the most recent things. He has started doing little things here and there...like trying to steal Bleaks food during feedings and barking madly at the one cat and chasing him out of the room. The biggest thing that actually worries me though happened yesterday. I noticed that when I went to give my normally super affectionate dog kisses on the face, he would growl. Even to the point where his lip would start to quiver and curl up abit. I punished him for it, which I probably shouldn't have. Then later that day, I believe I went to give him a hug and he growled at me again so I started saying "NO. BAD" and he randomly peed. I wasn't anymore harsh with him then usual, which is why I am worried.

My guess is his recent issues could be due to nutrition. I haven't had their protein supplement stuffs in quite sometime. That could maybe explain why he's stealing Bleaks food(and eating his poop). Maybe he feels unsatisfied? I'm going to order it, and if this continues after a couple weeks of him being back on it, then I will definitely need to see a vet and maybe consult a professional trainer to give me some answers.

Oh! and also,  can't recall if I have made a post about Bleaks problems, but for the longest time he would involuntarily urinate. That stopped about 2-3ish months ago and I was soooo happy(and proud that I officially had a reliably house trained dog). He randomly started peeing again last week. He stopped again though so lets hope whatever the problem was, it has ceased and I am sincerely hoping that it was just a fluke.

That is all for now.


Jackson is...plotting?

Handsome boys.

Oh geez, just look at that face. *swoons* AND THE FEETS!!! SQUEEE

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