Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few words

First and foremost, I am running out of blog titles here. >:c

Secondly, I have fantasticly awesome blue hair.
Unfortunately, I had to cut like two thirds of it off thanks to damage from bleach. But I am happy with it. It takes minimal time to style, and since I wash it every three days now, it's just so much easier and looks better. I very rarely ever straightened my hair when it was long. I'd usually just throw it in a bun or something to get it out of the way since it took like 40 minutes to straighten and that was a daily thing. :/   Ideally, I'd like it longer then it is though. Methinks in a year, it will be perfect. Also, the blue does fade super fast, but that is due to the bleaching damage. My hair has a hard time holding colour where it took the most damage.

Moving on to the next topic...Bleak has been off his medicine for epilepsy for a couple weeks now with no recurrences. This thrills me of course. Both dogs are doing great. :)

This is alittle random, but since it just happened, I feel the need to share. I just burned my thumb on the lentils I am cooking for the pooches. D:

Annnnnd last but not least! Voila!
This one speaks for itself. I got it done December 30th, 2011 by Daniel Fowler. I will get a better photo after touch ups in a couple weeks. It took almost four hours, three of which were quite unpleasant to say the least. I am getting the same thing on the other thigh, but of Bleak. I am hoping in a month or so I'll have the money....

And this brings me to the next subject;
I am now accepting donations. :D Please????

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