Saturday, October 15, 2011

New tattoo design

This post is for myself.

I am planning a new tattoo. The concept is  basically reversing the roles of humans and animals in factory farming. I want a pig standing on it's hind legs dressed in butcher garb( shiny black, long gloves with an apron in the same style). The gloves are going to resemble a regular glove, so human hand shape. The feet are going to be bare and they will be pigs hooves.

As for the pigs head, I want it very sinister looking with blood on the mouth area, dripping. Something similar in style to this.

In one hand (hoof?), I want a typical butchers knife with blood on it, and in the other I want it holding a silver platter with a human arm on it with the fingers curling in distress. Kind of like how a spiders legs curl up when they die. I want it to suggest alot of trauma to the human.

This apron.

These gloves.

I want the angle of the tattoo to be looking down on the pig. Like when people take pics of themselves with the camera up above there head, angling down so that the head looks big and the body gradually gets small looking. I want the pigs eyes super detailed and sinister.
Sorta like this...but not really. -.-

I think I want the colours similar to that tattoo I posted up abit. Where the pig is kinda black and white, but the blood is full colour.

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