Saturday, October 15, 2011

A rant of sorts...

This post is going to tie into two things. Firstly I will start with how this train of thought came about.

I was just browsing photos of random celebrities and one of the main topics usually is how they got their great bods through a specific diet and exercise. This is of interest to me, so I read them. I would like to post a photo and a diet plan here that I just came across.

Here we have Jessica Alba. She looks great, noone can deny that('m not one for tans, but that's completely irrelevant). The article posted with this photo shares her diet plans. Here it is;

If you want to get an amazing body like Jessica’s, you’ll have to follow a very strict plan. Jessica is currently on the South Beach Diet and this is her typical day:
  • Breakfast
    1 cup oatmeal with berries with 3-4 scrambled egg whites when working on the film set.
  • Lunch
    Salad with 170 gms (6 ounces) of chicken breast or fish (salmon, tuna)
  • Dinner
    Sashimi or or 170 gms (6 ounces) of petit fillet of beef or other lean protein with unlimited veggies and 3 small red potatoes
  • Snacks
    handful of almonds or hot air popped popcorn

 I said this is going to tie into two topics at the beginning of this post. The second one is about, guess what, veganism. I feel the need to point out a misconception about it that non-vegans always seem to think. "How boring. What do you eat?" *facepalms* What did I eat today?

When I first woke up I killed off some Red Curry Thai dish from last night(fucking goood shit). Then I had a carrot cake Cliff bar. Then the bf went out and fetched a horde of food including subs from Mr.Sub, three kinds of awesome soup(Red Curry, Moroccan Chickpea, and a sweet potatoes vegetable one). Then I killed off a Nanaimo bar, and I've been picking at a chocolate cheesecake. Both desserts come from btw.

All this and it's only 6:30.

I weigh 127ish pounds, I am 5'6", and no, I don't just have really good metabolism(people are actually surprised at my weight fyi. I personally think most girls just lie and say they are lighter than they really are). Before going vegan, I weighed alittle more then 10 pounds heavier, exercised 5 days a week, calorie counted like crazy, and tried my best to avoid ALL junk(which is torture for me. It really is), and I never looked half as good as I do now.

Now it's rare that I check out the calories of my food, and even if I do, I never get bummed out like I used to. Like I said, I am thinner. I'm not as fit as say, Jessica Alba, but that's cause I stopped working out a couple months ago. I intend on doing regular yoga again soon though.

My point is that people accuse vegans of depriving themselves of good, hearty, delicious foods, which is so unbelievably untrue. I eat way more types of food than I ever did before veganism, or than most average people. Every night my dinner looks like and tastes like something off a restaurant menu. I adore grocery shopping cause how veganism opened me up to a larger variety of dishes. Also, the creativity of trying to mimick traditional dishes, but veganize them. It's fun stuff!

Compare what I have eaten so far, to what Jessica Alba eats in an entire day. Or any other celebrity(this applies to everyday people as well).

I eat what I want, when I want, and I keep a leaner, healthier figure than when I wasn't vegan. I should also mention that I don't need to eat this often. I do it cause I can, and I no longer have to control myself for fear of losing my lean figure.

That is all. Farewell, until the next rant.

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