Friday, February 25, 2011

Windows to the soul...oOoOoOo

Yesterday my teacher and her students(including yours truly) got invited to do some modeling in bellydance attire for a photography class. 'twas fun. I've done modeling before but it was one on one with just the photographer and I. This was more of a paparazzi ambush. lol Anywho, I don't have pics from that yet, but I took some of my make up when I got home.

I use this palette ALL the time. The colours are just so gorgeous. You can go really dramatic with them, or subtle and natural.
So basically what I did was smear that lighter brown on the right allover the upper lid(and lined the lower with it too). Then I took a copper colour. Mine is Mary K "eyesicles" in "something" Bronze(the first word was smudged lol) and smeared it in the middle area on the upper lid. You'll see what I mean in the pics. Then I took the dark brown on the lower right(it's alot darker then what the pic shows) and put it in the outer corners of both lower and upper lids and blended it into the upper crease. I also blended it out away from the eye in a sorta point to make a harsher, more dramatic line. Then blend, blend, BLEND. The liner is a gel liner in black and as you can see, it's thick, and bold with a "tail". I think the liner was extremely important in this look, personally. And last but not least; false lashes and black mascara! Oh, and as always, I forget, I highlighted the browbone and inner corners of the eye in a shimmery white. This is also important. Do this before everything else!
This one shows the colour best and most accurate.
I <3 falsies.

I look out of it

 And that is all. I plan on rocking this look for my bellydance performance tomorrow. :D

Also, another thing I forgot...I actually have white glitter on the inner corners and along my upper cheekbones. You can't see it in pics though.


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