Monday, February 14, 2011

Appearance is deceptive, so perfect in disguise....

This blog post shall be based around makeup. I have some older photos that i took cause I originally planned on making just a make up blog. But either way, here's some make up I have done recently.

I don't feel like going into detail so i will simplify it! The order goes as such(inner corner to outer); shimmery white, pink, green, navy blue(same on the lower lid too). You put these all on and blend, blend, blend. And when you think you've blended enough, blend more! Then I used a black "gel" eyeliner and did the whole "cateye". I also lined the inner lower lid. And as for the lashes...they are fake. I love fake lashes!
Simone in the background! *fangirls*

Now the make up in this next pic is the same idea as the previous. The colours are(from inner to outer) yellow, green, dark purple(I think I highlighted the inner corners too). Also mirrored on the lower lid. And again, cat eyeliner in black. I like "gel" liners.

And here is my beautiful "wife", Tammy! Here she has silver with black in the outer corners blended into the crease. I also rimmed the lower outer corners with black for a dramatic look. And as always, black liner/mascara and I highlighted the inner corners. This look is fairly easy for how dramatic it looks, however it's messy! This is why I have never really used black in the past. Mostly just stuck with dark browns.
It's desaturated, but since it's not a colour look, full colour isn't necessary.
And this next look is also featured on Tammy. Here she has my personal favorite look! I couldn't find pics of myself rocking it as well. :(

I wish these photos could justify this look. In real life, the make up is really shimmery and looks more...teal. Rather then turquoise like how it looks in the photos. But anywho...this is teal blended allover the lid and up abit on the brow bone with dark purple in the outer corners on both lower and upper lids. I also smudged teal along the whole lower lid and highlighted her inner corners. Eyeliner is black and same with mascara!

 So yeah. Checked my photo stash and I don't any other worthy pics of other make up stuffs. I plan on recreating my "Ginger Snaps" look I had for Halloween since I don't have any good photos of it.


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