Friday, February 11, 2011

A Bleak post...

So shortly after posting my first and only blog, I thought of something I can talk about forever...and I'm sure alot of my posts will revolve around him...if not all. :p

Meet Bleak!
Mr.Weenie!!!! <3
Bleak is a miniature longhaired Dachshund. And that's DACHS- HUND. NOT DASH-HOUND. When you say it fast it kinda sounds more like "Doc-son". Now I can understand most people not knowing how to pronounce it right...but I've met owners of the breed, and even dog trainers that call them "Dash-Hounds". Anywho...I could go on and on about this. But I'll spare you!
So as I was saying...
Bleak is a miniature longhaired Dachshund. His birthday is March 11th. He was born in 2009 so he will be two this year! How time flies. I still remember the puppy days like they were yesterday. And as much as I loved raising him, damn it's so much work and I'm happy he has matured and mellowed out alot.

What to say about him? I am a proud mommy and he's the love of my life? lol Noone will ever love you like your dog does! Bleak proves this every day. Our day usually starts with me stirring in bed. He notices and comes and smothers my face(literally) to wake me up. Little does he know, smothering ones breathing orifices usually leads to the opposite. Silly weiner doesn't know any better. Then we get up, I let him pee first no matter how bad I have to go. Then I feed him(before me), and when he is done he usually has a little hyper spurt and growls at me until I play tug of war with him. I usually don't give in since I am half asleep still. Then off to bed Bleak goes. lol He is the perfect dog for me.

But anywho...I will stop there for now and leave you with pics of him at 5-6 weeks old. Be jealous! >:c

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  1. Bleak is adorable! One of my co-workers adopted a dachshund last year and I love hearing her stories about her. She's got attitude! So cute. :)