Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Ink, yo.

So on February 15th at approximately 6:00pm, my new tattoo was brought into the world in all it's glory.
Four hours is complete.

The day after. Lovely tape marks still.

 I have been wanting a filigree design for awhile, and then found the perfect one(it's off of one of my band shirts). It ended up taking about four grueling hours. Well actually, it was only bad when he first started since it was the outline, then like the last hour was brutal. I'm not gonna lie...I was crying inside abit.

He ended up drawing it on freehand.

...and so it begins.

I look too damn happy.

...and their eulogies sang me to sleep.
The process...

I had it done by Tim Reid at;

I love his work and have been wanting one done by him for around 2 years. :D GO TO HIM TO GET YOUR TATTOOS. MEOW.

Sleepy time. Farewell.

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