Friday, February 11, 2011


So...don't know where to start. I guess I have started this blog simply to collect all my thoughts. It's not going to be based around one thing, but many. Anything from make up, to animals, music...maybe personal stuff? Who knows. I will be brutally honest here. There will be no editing in my head before typing. I'm just going to let it out as is. If you are easily offended, well I am not the blog to follow then. I'm bold and blunt and not afraid to express my opinions.

So I guess a proper introduction might be needed?  Screw that. Read my profile! :D


  1. Sounds right up my alley! I'm excited that I'm your first follower, and thanks for following me! Oh, and I just added your blog to the Vegan Blogs List, which is another blog of mine. :)

  2. Oh well thankyou for following me then! :) I'll try and find this other blog lnk and check out the other vegan blogs.