Sunday, February 13, 2011

I, Vegan.

This blog will be dedicated to another huge aspect of my life.

I, Korinne, am a Vegan. Or as a prefer, "Herbivore"...or "Animal Rights Activist. Take your pick. :) Either way, I do not consume any animal products and hopefully will cut out anything coming from animals. So anything from make clothing. Unfortunately we live in a "non-vegan" world and this is near impossible. However, that doesn't mean give up. Do your best! Any little bit helps!

Perhaps a quote from my favorite vegan singer is needed? Methinks, YES. Alissa White-Gluz <3

"Animal rights are difficult to win, and progress is slow but steady, because many people disregard the fact that animals are sentient and think and feel, simply because they do not communicate via human language."
-Alissa White-Gluz

So my journey began about two years ago. I was at work...bored out of my mind and for some reason decided to look up slaughterhouse stuff. Well, this led to videos. What I I knew animals were not treated fairly, but this was beyond what I expected. I just can't believe humans can actually be so heartless. Beyond heartless actually. It sickened me. After that I decided to go vegetarian. But since I was raised carnivorous(like so many of us unfortunately) I was very easily intimidated and gave up.

A year passes, and I thought about it again. I then realized I hadn't even ate meat in awhile anyways. Perfect opportunity to start? I think so. So then two months pass after successfully becoming vegetarian, and I thought "Why stop here? What difference am I really making?". For the unaware, animals used for milking and eggs are treated just as cruelly...but that's something for you to research for yourself!

So here I am. Vegan and loving every second of it. It's been only like threeish months and I can't imagine ever going back. At first I had a hard time with "sweets" since I love them oh so much. But I just feel such guilt...during AND's not worth it. The whole time I'm thinking "why am I doing this? It's not even worth it...just stop." I feel like such a failure after.

Now people feel like you sacrifice so much when going vegan. "You're vegan. What do you eat?"

My answer;

I still eat "burgers", and icecream, and pastas, bagels, peanutbutter, candies, pizza...ect. You just have to switch up the recipe. And before you say "but then it's not as good" stop and try it. The important thing is remaining open minded. If you don't like it the first time, try it again! And some foods, you'll love the first time! I still recall my first experience with soy icecream. *sighs* ...*foodgasms*
So Delicious? Yes. Yes, you are.

Another thing I will point out(since I'm on the topic of soy icecream), is how when you say something is a soy product, they are sooo damn fast to turn it down. "EWWWWW SOYY". I find this funny since like EVERYTHING has soy in it. It just isn't labeled as such. So such all you soy haters! *noms on Icecream...err...icesoy?*

That is all for now. I shall leave you with a pic proving why animals are worth fighting for.

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